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Why Prefab?

A technological revolution in your building site



Thanks to its revolutionary construction system for sprinkler installations with prefabricated pipes, all Prefab systems maximize the efficiency of costs and time through the application of the most innovative technologies



Certain costs, reduced time of installation and no need of skilled personnel for the implementation




Thanks to a simple assembly diagram and marking / numbering of each piece, the installation of fire fighting systems has never been so simple and error-proof



Prefab ensures the highest standards thanks to the precision of each process, carried out through numerical control machines and cutting edge quality controls,  according to the American and European procedures

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The advantages of using Prefab system are countless:

  • The installation does not require skilled personnel
  • A simple and intuitive technical manual with assembly diagram is included, making it easy thanks to the numbering and the marking of each piece
  • Certain costs
  • Reduced time of installation of the system
  • The project is already studied in detail, drastically limiting interventions in work
  • The pipes of the same code are the same length
  • The storage of the pipes in the building site requires little space
  • Precise Bill of Materials