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Prefab S.r.l.

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Prefab s.r.l.  was founded in 2007 and specializes in the prefabrication of pipes for sprinkler systems. With an experience of many years in the field, Prefab provides installers its know-how, allowing to complete successfully even the most complex projects.

Prefab, addressing the global market, was created to answer to the need to reduce the cost of installation of fire fighting systems. This is achieved while safeguarding the quality that has always distinguished the company, but at the same time reducing installation time on site.

Prefab is the first and only company in Italy specialized in the prefabrication of fire fighting systems capable of welding sprinkler sockets, drilling the tubes for sprinkler-tees, beading and / or threading pipes.

Prefab is able to provide, in addition to the prefabrication of the main and secondary pipes, also grooved and / or threaded customized pieces, cold bent.

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